Your current indexing model is an
inefficient, labor intensive process.

The truth is, you don’t know that you have a problem with your medical record indexing. That is, until you discover the automated indexing capabilities of Solarity®.

Your Current Method

With this traditional model,
you can only scan and index one document every 90 seconds.



Staff members, across different departments, hospitals, and clinics, manually sort through documents prior to scanning. They may add patient labels and document type barcode stickers on the paperwork.



They then scan patient documents individually, searching for and selecting the patient. They then select the visit, open the scan application and scan the pages individually. This process must be repeated for each document type.



Individual user manually selects the indexing category for the documents based on department, floor, or HIM specific criteria.



This scanned document must then be manually uploaded to the EMR.



File is then accessed as a scanned image, based on the manual indexing selections made by the user.

Your Current Results

Your current indexing
solution is wasting
valuable resources
negatively affecting your
healthcare facility.
Here’s how:

Inaccurate Indexing

  • Difficult to quantify HIM accuracy levels.
  • Decentralized indexing relies on subjective indexing decisions by the operator.
  • Decentralized indexing increases the risk of human error.
  • Healthcare professionals spend time searching through EMR for incorrectly indexed documents.

Incomplete Electronic Medical Records

  • Increase the risk of HIPAA violations.
  • Paper charts are relied upon heavily.

Inefficient Workforce

  • Large and expensive HIM labor force.
  • Indexing is extremely time consuming and labor intensive.
  • IT department is responsible for software maintenance.

Patient Care

  • Incomplete medical records in the EMR leads to decreased levels of patient care.
  • Healthcare professionals must search through medical records for the information they need, such as lab reports and outside documents.
  • Healthcare professionals spend less time spent with patient.
  • Duplicate tests are administered.