Scanning Medical Records at the Point of Care

Create a Complete Electronic Patient Chart Pre-Discharge

EDCO’s proven medical records scanning solution provides a streamlined user interface for HIM or clinical staff to simply drop batches of charts or up to 250 loose documents into scanners at the point of care.  Documents are then routed through EDCO’s Solarity document recognition software for automatic indexing, reviewed to confirm quality guarantees, and returned to the EMR in as little as one hour.



Reaching HIMSS Stage 7

To reach stage seven of the EMR adoption scale, provide access to the complete patient record when and where physicians need it, and realize the full return on investment for the purchase your EMR, a patients chart must be available in a fully electronic format for exemplary patient care.

According to HIMSS Analytics, the most common challenges regarding reaching Stage 7 surprisingly still surround the use of paper medical records.  To be validated as a Stage 7 hospital,  all clinically relevant information must exist electronically in the EMR within 24 hours of creation, not 24 hours of discharge. This still proves to be the biggest hurdle for most healthcare facilities because this must be proven throughout the entire facility.  If clinically relevant information is found in one area that is more than 24 hours old and does not exist in the EMR, the healthcare facility will not pass the Stage 7 requirements.

Solarity enables all paper documentation to be scanned at the point of care and routed for centralized indexing to maintain quality control in HIM.  Documents can be indexed and available in the patient chart in less than one hour.  This ensures that your facility will meet the paper requirement of HIMSS Stage 7, but it also ensures that the clinician will not be returning to the paper chart for patient care.  To learn more about Solarity’s process for capturing documents at the point of care, please view the video below.


EDCO’s Point of Care Scanning Process

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