Our patented software automates your inefficient indexing process, enabling you to maximize productivity and significantly increase accuracy.

Our Results

We have helped hundreds of hospitals and thousands of clinics achieve medical record indexing accuracy of 99% or greater, with a turn around time of under one hour.

99% HIM Indexing Accuracy

Our proprietary software uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence to automatically identify each patient and document type by reading 100% of the text on each document. Before returning to the hospital EHR, documents are quality checked by HIM professionals at the medical center or at EDCO’s U.S. indexing center. This process guarantees 99% or greater indexing accuracy.

1 Hour Turnaround Time

Our services provide a turnaround time ranging from 1-12 hours from the time the document is scanned to its release into the EDMs.

24/7/365 Service

Our EDCO review services are provided 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, including weekends and holidays.

Patient Care

With Solarity’s timely indexed medical records, medical decision made for the patient are, naturally, more accurate.

Reduction in HIM Labor and costs up to 50%

Our scanning and indexing software solutions have allowed healthcare facilities to reduce their HIM labor force by up to 50% and pivot these resources to patient care roles.

Improved Cash Flow

Our automated scanning solution at the point of care improves the speed of billing resulting in patient invoices spending fewer days in accounts receivable.

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