The Drive to Point of Care Medical Record Scanning

To reach stage seven of the EMR adoption scale, provide access to the complete patient record when and where physicians need it,  and realize the full return on investment for the purchase of an electronic medical record system, a patients chart must be available in a fully electronic format for exemplary patient care.

Five challenges of scanning medical records at the point of care using traditional methods:

  1. Often clinical staff is taxed with scanning and indexing the documents page-by-page to the appropriate area of the electronic chart,
  2. Consistency is nearly impossible to achieve when hundreds of individual users assign document index values in the scanning process,
  3. Documents are not readily available for patient care where physicians expect it,
  4. Ambulatory and acute care staff are frustrated, and
  5. Your healthcare system is experiencing high and often unknown costs.

If you are one of the many healthcare professionals joining the point of care conversation and have similar concerns, you’re not alone.

As the medical record becomes more electronic, the paper remaining is more taxing to handle, and conversely more critical to have as part of the electronic chart for patient care.  No longer is it acceptable to capture the paper components of the chart after the patient has been discharged. The removal of the paper chart for patient care makes the immediate capture of paper documents critical for providing care during the visit.  So how can you meet this emerging need while controlling quality and cost?


Scan Medical Records at the Point of Care and Index in One Hour or Less

EDCO’s solution provides a streamlined user interface for clinical staff to simply drop batches of charts into scanners at the point of care.  Documents are then routed through EDCO’s document recognition software for automatic indexing, reviewed to confirm quality guarantees, and routed back to the healthcare system in one hour or less.


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