Solving Your Concurrent Scanning Challenges with Solarity

solarity | February 21st, 2018

To provide clinical staff with real-time access to all  patient data, many healthcare facilities throughout the US are considering or  have already transitioned to a concurrent medical record scanning model.  There  is little doubt that this model provides tangible benefits in terms of availability of information for patient care, but often it can come with added challenges  for the HIM department and floor staff.


Primary Concurrent Scanning Challenges:

  • Lack of indexing quality control
  • Added cost for additional scanning staff or overtime
  • Continued reliance on paper chart by clinicians when paper records are not consistently and accurately available
  • Training on complex scanning processes on the floors and at clinics

Solving Concurrent Scanning Challenges with Solarity®

Centralized Quality Control – Using Solarity Software, users simply scan the document at the point of origin and documents are routed through the Solarity document classification engine for automatic indexing. Documents are then routed to a central location electronically for quality check by HIM staff and delivered into the EMR.  This centralized approach eliminates the opportunity for floor or clinic staff to incorrectly index a document.

Eliminate the Peaks and Valleys – One of the most challenging components of concurrent scanning is staffing.  The volume of paper documents that need to be captured at the point of care can vary greatly  throughout the course of a day, which means you can change from overstaffed to understaffed in the course of a few minutes. In addition to Solarity Software, EDCO offers remote indexing services by US based EDCO employees at high-volume periods. This allows hospitals to maintain consistent quality and turnaround time without adding to headcount.

Guarantee that Documents Will be in the EMR in One Hour with 99% or Greater Accuracy – Clinicians have to trust the electronic system to completely eliminate paper. When partnering with EDCO, your HIM department and clinicians will have confidence that documents will be available in less than one hour, with 99% or better accuracy, every time. Need a document STAT? No problem.  Critical documents can easily be routed to the front of the line.

Simple Two Step Process – Your concurrent scanning process should be streamlined and simple.  Solarity requires a very simple two-step process for scanning.   Watch this video to see it in action.