Scan a Batch of Records on the Floor in Two Easy Steps.

There is no doubt that the topic of scanning medical records on the floors leaves many clinical staff team members and HIM leaders alike running for the hills.  After all, medical record scanning has been centralized for years because it is the only way to control quality and not burden clinicians, right?


As more of the patient chart is created electronically the volume of paper across many healthcare systems is drastically decreasing.  To ensure that only the electronic version of the patient chart is used for patient care, all documents must be scanned within 24 hours of creation.  That means that the traditional post-discharge model of scanning medical records must evolve to capture the remaining paper documentation.  This can be accomplished successfully in a distributed scanning and centralized indexing model to maintain quality control.

Traditional Distributed Scanning Model


Sort records patient-by-patient and scan page-by-page and then:

  1. Search for the patient
  2. Select the patient
  3. Select the visit
  4. Open the scan application
  5. Scan the pages
  6. Click accept
  7. Repeat for the next patient

EDCO Point of Care Scanning Model


  1. Insert a batch of 1 – 250 pages into the scanner
  2. Press send Documents are then electronically routed to a central location for automatic indexing with Solarity® Software, reviewed for 99% or better quality by HIM team members, and routed back into the EMR within one hour or less.

Watch this video to learn more about the impact on patient care in this model.

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