EDCO Introduces Solarity 4.5.2 Scanning and Indexing Software

solarity | February 21st, 2018

Springfield, Missouri, June 2016 — EDCO® Health Information Solutions has announced the latest upgrade to Solarity®, one of the world’s leading scanning and indexing software for medical records. The 4.5.2 release is packed with enhancements to make the indexing process quicker and easier for healthcare associations everywhere.

“We are thrilled to present a software with enhanced precision, speed, and simplicity to a field where every moment is critical.”

“Solarity’s 4.5.2 release will give participating medical facilities an upper leg on time management.” said Chez Tschetter, Chief Information Officer at EDCO Health Information Solutions. “We are thrilled to present a software with enhanced precision, speed, and simplicity to a field where every moment is critical.”

Among the various bug fixes and software improvements, one feature shines through as the most important addition to Solarity: Fax Processing. This newly introduced method will augment the indexing process for documents received via fax.

Faxed documents are a common commodity in medical facilities. Many clinics and hospitals shoulder the tedious task of dealing with them, which usually entails categorizing them as either junk, valid, or incomplete. Once they’ve been sorted through, the valid documents are allowed to move forward, while the rest must either be disposed of or validated. Predictably, this can have a very negative effect on turnaround time.

With the Fax Processing feature, EDCO seeks to alleviate some of the struggles of this process. Now, faxed batches can be sent into the system prior to categorization, which will save many hospitals valuable time. Solarity’s automated software and meticulous review team will handle the sorting and quality control for these batches by filtering out the duplicate, junk, and incomplete documents behind the scenes before releasing the batch.

In addition to Fax Processing, the 4.5.2 release has been upgraded with features to make Solarity Web more user friendly. New search filters were added across the dashboard interface, and old search filters were modified and updated. This will simplify the task of locating specific document information, batch information, and even productivity data. To further augment support material, Help files have been added to the Capture Class Admin, which is now also located in Solarity Web. The new Help files will provide users with easy-to-access documentation on how the Capture Class Admin functions.

The last improvement to the 4.5.2 release involves Solarity Scan. To amplify the convenience of the upgrade process, older versions of Solarity Scan are now compatible with newer versions of the Solarity server. This will give users a chance to finish working through their old scan stations while still enjoying updates to other Solarity modules.

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