Press Release | July 30, 2013

EDCO Awarded Patent for Medical Record Scanning Technology and Process

Medical Record Scanning TechnologyOn July 30, 2013 EDCO® Health Information Solutions was awarded a patent from the US Patent & Trademark Office for its medical record scanning and indexing technology, called Solarity®.  This technology improves efficiency and quality in the medical record scanning process, and does not require the manual separation of documents or use of labels, such as bar codes or form templates.

The Solarity technology and process, patent number 8,498,878, enables the classification and separation of documents based on content as opposed to the appearance of the document.  Rather than utilizing uniquely designed forms or bar code labels on individual documents, EDCO’s Solarity technology uses the content of the document to assign a document classification, such as a progress note or radiology report.  Classification of each individual document is completed automatically based on continually improving recognition models.   These automated steps in the scanning and indexing process minimize human intervention, which results in reduced cost and expedited processes.  Solarity is currently being utilized by more than 100 hospitals and clinics throughout North America.

“The healthcare industry is changing rapidly, and it is critical for all documents to be scanned and indexed quickly and accurately for patient care,” said Marv Addink, Vice President of Innovation and co-inventor of the patented technology and process.  “Solarity enables paper documents and records to be scanned at the point of care, indexed, and inserted into an EMR in one hour or less with 99% or better quality metrics.”

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