EDCO Announces Integration with Box

solarity | February 21st, 2018

EDCO Health Information Solutions today announced that it has integrated with Box, the leading HIPAA compliant enterprise content management and collaboration platform. With this integration, EDCO provides a secure way to capture and index the automation of paper-based medical records and leverages the Box platform for native document and image storage, retrieval and sharing.

Chez Tschetter
Chez Tschetter, CIO and CTO

In late September, EDCO’s Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Chez Tschetter, presented at BoxWorks, Box’s annual customer conference in San Francisco, to communicate the benefits of this integration to joint hospital customers. The presentation was entitled: “Digitalizing Paper-based Records: Scanning & Indexing Paper-based Medical Records and Storing them in Box”.

“We are excited about our new partnership with Box which serves many of our joint hospital customers to maximize efficiency and improve quality in pre and post-discharge document capture,” said Bill Glassman, Chairman and CEO of EDCO Health Information Solutions.

After launching an electronic health record (EHR) system, many hospitals still have paper in their patient medical records, including consent forms and documentation from outside the hospital facility. In fact, a typical 100-bed hospital scans an average of 1 million document images a year. For larger scale health systems, the number of scanned images can exceed 4 million a year. Of the types of documents that still exist in paper form, approximately half are required for patient care at the time they are created or presented by the patient.

“EDCO is an important addition to our rapidly growing Box for Healthcare partner ecosystem”

EDCO Health Information Solutions offers a patented medical record scanning and indexing software, Solarity®, which maximizes efficiency and improves quality in pre and post-discharge document capture. Solarity provides solutions to scan paper-based medical records and then automatically indexes the document types and patient information to be viewed in an electronic health record (EHR) system. Utilized in both acute and ambulatory settings across North America, Solarity delivers complete electronic patient charts to clinicians for comprehensive patient care in less than one hour.

“EDCO is an important addition to our rapidly growing Box for Healthcare partner ecosystem – helping us better serve healthcare organizations,” said Missy Krasner, Managing Director for Healthcare and Life Sciences, Box. “With Box and EDCO, we are providing our healthcare customers with a fully compliant solution for digitizing their paper-based processes.