Do You Make These 3 Common Patient Chart Scanning Mistakes?

When you feel that you are running one million miles per hour, as so many healthcare professionals feel as resources become more scarce, sometimes the best method is to go back to basics. Whether you have been responsible for patient chart scanning for years,  or you have just embarked on the electronic medical record journey, consider these three simple mistakes that can have a big impact on patient care.

3 Common Patient Chart Scanning Mistakes

  1. Incorrect use of the multi-feed button – If you select the ignore multi-feed button on your scanner when it is actually a multi-page document, an image will be missed in the scanning process.
  2. Document shuffling in the document return feeder – If your process includes a quality control step, where scanned images are compared to physical documents, then physical documents out of order can create major problems.  Ensure that your batch is a manageable size to keep from jumbling the papers in the document return feeder in the scanning process.
  3. Pesky staples hiding in stacks of paper charts – Even with careful review of documents in document prep, sometimes pesky staples remain between pages.  Consider tapping the stack of documents on each side to square up documents and shake out any loose staples that can slow down or damage your document scanner.

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