Burrell Behavioral Health Seeks Complete Patient Chart with Solarity

solarity | February 21st, 2018

Burrell Behavioral Health, a not for profit behavioral health facility located in Springfield, Missouri has contracted with EDCO® Health Information Solutions to implement EDCO’s patented Solarity® medical record scanning and indexing software. Solarity will assist the behavioral health system in transitioning to a completely electronic environment further enabling their clinicians to provide superior care while reducing health information management (HIM) costs.

Currently, Burrell’s clinicians reference both paper and electronic charts and documents when delivering patient care. The scanning that is done centrally into the facility’s electronic document management system is challenging due to a shortage of staff to prep, scan, and manually index images quickly for clinician use.

In the new model, Burrell’s health information management team will leverage Solarity’s easy-to-use scanning module to scan paper medical records in batches centrally in the HIM department. Without the need for form identifiers or bar codes to index images to the patient chart, prep time will be cut down significantly. In addition, as Burrell continues to grow their clinic base, Solarity will enable the organization to digitize and index paper documents created outside of the facility into their EMR system.

Once images are scanned, Solarity’s document recognition engine will automatically index documents to the patient chart based on the information contained. EDCO’s Quality Assurance Team in Springfield, Missouri will then review images for accuracy before releasing to the EMR.

“One of the main reasons Burrell Behavioral Health chose Solarity was due to EDCO’s experience in document imaging and the realization we could gain far more efficiency with the Solarity product than by continuing to hire additional manpower,” said Brenda Fuller, vice president of HIM/Support Services at Burrell Behavioral Health. “In addition to being a cost saving tool, it will aid in improving accuracy within the HIM department as the Solarity product indexes the scanned documents rather than the current manual indexing process.”

Ultimately, Solarity will help Burrell achieve a standardized, best-practice, medical record scanning process. The new process will allow for a more efficient workflow and will enable their clinicians to provide superior care.

“Solarity provides value as it allows for information to be readily accessible to all involved with client care. Behavioral health clients can often have multiple providers involved with their care and the Solarity solution will allow for all caregivers in a treatment team to have client information readily available to them”, Fuller goes on to say. “This is very important as behavioral health continues to further integrate into the primary healthcare arena.”
Solarity is scheduled to be implemented by July, 2015.
About EDCO Health Information Solutions

EDCO Health Information Solutions’ patented medical record scanning and indexing software, Solarity®, maximizes efficiency and improves quality in pre and post-discharge document capture. Utilized in acute and ambulatory settings across North America, Solarity delivers complete electronic patient charts to clinicians for comprehensive patient care in less than one hour.

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About Burrell Behavioral Health

Burrell is a private, not for profit organization behavioral healthcare facility headquartered in Springfield, MO with clinic locations in Springfield and Columbia, MO. Burrell provides a wide range of mental health services for individuals and families, business and industry, and educational programs for community and professional groups. Our services are designed to be responsive to the specific needs of the individuals we serve. New services are developed as the needs of our community are recognized and defined. It is our mission to continue to provide, develop and refine services which have been demonstrated to work!
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