Automating the Classification of Medical Record Documents – II

Scanning and indexing medical records is a time consuming task exacerbated by the sheer number of document types that exist in a healthcare facility and the requirement to classify each document to its specified type.  Several technologies exist to automate this process and eliminate the manual assignment of document types.

In part one of this article we examined the benefits of content recognition tools such as Solarity.  Part two of this article identifies the advantages and disadvantages of other forms of document classification technology.


Bar code Technology

The healthcare scanning software industry has gravitated toward the use of bar codes to identify and index documents automatically to a specific document type.  Bar code technology is highly accurate and effective at indexing document types. However, it is totally dependent on every document containing a bar code and that the bar code is of good quality so that it can be accurately read by the scanning software.   It is possible, although time consuming and expensive, for a healthcare facility to reconfigure their internal forms to contain document level bar codes. However, those documents coming from outside the facility will not contain bar codes and will require manual indexing.  Bar coded separator sheets are often inserted in between documents without a bar code to gain the efficiencies of automatic separation and classification of the document type.  This methodology requires more time during the preparation process, however, it eliminates manual document level indexing.

Forms Recognition Software

Forms recognition software is another commonly deployed methodology for automatic classification of document types.  This technology relies on specific form templates that are readily recognized by medical records scanning software.  Although highly accurate, forms recognition technology is dependent on templates and uniformity.  This is time consuming and costly to setup for internal forms and not a viable option for documents coming from outside sources.

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