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We know that you have questions about our medical record indexing solution. That’s why we’ve answered our most frequently asked questions!

Solarity® is not a content management system, rather a complementary solution that works in tandem with your existing EMR and EDMS technologies to provide a more complete electronic patient record more quickly, easily and accurately. Our solution automates medical record indexing, enabling a more efficient and higher quality workflow to capture paper and other hybrid record sources for retention in your EDMS and integration to your EMR.

Scanning with Solarity is as easy as sending a fax. Staff on the floors can simply drop a batch of records into a scanner, hit send, and move on to more patient-centric duties. Because Solarity automates indexing, no time is spent trying to identify and assign document types. And because Solarity is able to process and identify multiple document types and multiple patients within the same batch, there is no need to log in and out of multiple patients’ records in the EMR to scan documents.

Our patented recognition technology allows for document type recognition and patient association regardless of where on the page the identifying information exists. Other indexing automation solutions are dependent on barcodes, or on data elements existing in very specific fields or zones on a page. With this type of “zonal recognition,” templates need to be built for every single form; even then, slight discrepancies in a form’s content could cause recognition to fail, and building recognition for outside documents would be virtually impossible.

Because Solarity® only depends on text for recognition, irrespective of where it is on the page, templates do not need to be built for specific forms. Our indexing software is configured to recognize text-based “rules” to determine a document type, not unlike how a person would be taught. This type of logic-based recognition allows for easy classification of outside records as well.

Yes, as long as Solarity® can communicate with the EMR to perform patient data validation and the EDMS can receive the exported image files from our software, any and all technologies are compatible.

In both cases, OCR is simply a means to an end, and they are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Solarity® uses OCR to “read” a page in order to find the text needed to identify a document type and associate to the correct patient account. OCR is used by EDMS solutions to create text searchable renditions of documents which have already been indexed into the system.

It is no problem at all to change Solarity® models, or combine the two. It is not uncommon for our partners to implement one model and, after learning through experience, decide they would prefer the other and switch models. It is also quite common for mixed-model deployments. You can provide review services for your inpatient documents, and EDCO can provide review for clinic documents. Or vice versa.

IT participation during implementation and subsequent maintenance is typical for Enterprise software and Solarity® Support is available 24/7/365 to provide support and guidance as needed.

Solarity® is compatible with any scanners which use TWAIN or PaperStream drivers, as well as any brand of MFD or fax server.

Absolutely! Solarity® scan was designed for ease of use and deployment to wherever records need to be captured. Transporting records to different departments or other facilities to be scanned unnecessarily adds to turnaround times, and also creates opportunity for lost or missing records. With Solarity®, documents can be scanned where they are received or generated, accelerating turnaround times and reducing the opportunity for errors.

Solarity® is a software-as-a-service, billed per image – no software licensing required. That means that our indexing solution can be deployed on as many workstations as needed for use by as many users as required.