Indexing Automation Software for Medical Records

Scanning Medical Records at the Point of Care
Learn how Solarity can help you dramatically improve quality and productivity in the scanning and indexing process.

What is Solarity?
New features designed to drive improved productivity and quality.

Solarity 4.5.2 Press Release

Trusted By More Than 100 Hospitals

By implementing Solarity, patented scanning and indexing software, more than 100 healthcare facilities have achieved remarkable quality and efficiency improvements.

Achieve Optimal Accuracy Rates

Detect missing or misfiled pages

Solarity includes advanced misfiling and missing document detection rules, which dramatically decrease the opportunity for documents to be electronically filed to the incorrect patient chart.

Measure and manage quality in real-time

Solarity’s analytics tool provides real-time visibility into every step of the medical record scanning and indexing process, including the productivity and accuracy rates of individual operators.  

Centralize indexing quality control 

When scanning and indexing documents on the floors, or in clinics, quality control is often a major concern.  Solarity provides the ability to simply drop batches of loose documents into scanners throughout the organization and index centrally.

Electronically reconcile charts

Automatically compare all discharges to the charts which have been scanned with Solarity. 

Reach Maximum Productivity

Intelligently index medical records

Achieve remarkable productivity rates by extracting all available data from a document, with or without the use of bar codes and separator pages, and auto indexing.

Nearly eliminate document prep

Simply remove staples, insert documents with multiple patients and document types, and press scan.

Index documents to the order level

Automatically index orders in seconds with Solarity.

Easily import electronic documents

Increase efficiency by importing documents from a fax queue, email, CD, USB drive, or other media, instead of printing and rescanning.

Eliminate the form redesign process

Reassign form names electronically in a single click with Solarity.

Ready to learn what Solarity can do for you?

The Solarity Scanning + Indexing Process

Remove staples and insert multiple patients and document types

Solarity automatically applies document type and patient information

View images in the EMR in as little as one hour
Key Capability

Flexible Deployment

Learn more about how scanning documents at the point of care will help you reach HIMSS Stage 7.

Review Services

EDCO can serve as an extension of your HIM department by providing indexing review services.

  • Guaranteed accuracy of 99% or greater
  • Turnaround time options from 1 – 12 hours of scanning (pre and post discharge)
  • Services provided 24 / 7 / 365, including holidays

Flexible Hosting Options

EDCO offers hosting options that reduce the need for IT resources including a completely cloud-hosted solution. Alternatively, Solarity can be completely hosted on your network.  Contact us to discuss your options.

Achieve Optimal Productivity + Quality in 90 Days

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